Ankur Biswas

Hi, i'M Ankur Biswas

Software Engineer / Web Developer


Delhi, IN



What I am all about.

Hello, my name is Ankur Biswas. I write code. I listen to a lot of different music and I'm currently working with Angular. I'm working at Nature Bay, as a Software Engineer. I have been using AngularJS, Firebase for main Tech Stack and Ionic for building mobile application.

In my freelance career, I have worked as a Full Stack Developer with a wide range of clients and have completed over 15 projects. I'm a person who's constantly evolving by learning from his mistakes. I strongly believe that if there is a problem, then there must exist a solution for it, too. I think that no problem is impossible to solve. It's simply a matter of tackling it from a different angle. And I specialize in finding that angle.


Progress bars, anyone?
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Web Apllications

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C Language

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Yes. I've been around.
Mar 2018 – Present

Nature Bay

Full Stack Developer

Haryana, IN

Currently working with Ionic and Firebase to build an app from scratch.

Jul 2017 – Feb 2018


Senior Developer

Haryana, IN

My last employment. Learned a lot of things there. I learned how to manage team, work with Restful API, Digital Marketing & Online Promotion, Website content management, Social Media Management and many more.

Aug 2014 – Jun 2017


Full Stack Developer

Haryana, IN

I worked on LAMP Technology for creating websites and used Bootstrap for designing websites in this period and created three projects for the college, one of them is still running live inside the college campus and I got appreciation letter for that too.


Lazy isn't in my vocabulary.
Aug 2013 – Jul 2017

Kurukshetra University

B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering

Haryana, IN

I've completed my B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from Kurukshetra University. In addition to that I participated in a numerous co-curriculam activities and got prizes and certificates for them too. I've learned C, C++, PHP, Javascript, Bootstrap, Data Structure, Java(Basics), LINUX in this four year interval.